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As the academic year comes to a close, here’s a look back over the 17/18 session with BA3 Studio 6 at the University of Liverpool School of Architecture where senior architect Sophie is a design tutor. Studio 6, lead by Johanna Muszbek, is one of very few UK university units focusing on housing design and theory. The Studio was fortunate this year to move into new studio space and undertook two intense (messy!) design workshops in London. With a brief entitled “House in the City; City in the House”, 36 students tackled some complex ideas about the future of high density housing based on constrained and compact sites in London. The first semester project looked at the potential of building between and upon existing structures in tight ‘gap’ sites in Shoreditch, while the thesis project speculated on adaptive re-use of historic buildings within Camden Lock. Students worked in groups of three, sharing sites and confronting the design issues arising with their neighbours. Projects addressed the relationships and transitions between the home and the city throughout the domestic, building and urban scales, and exploited the section and opportunities for communal space. The year has culminated in two fantastic degrees shows in Liverpool and in London. Congratulations to all of the fantastic graduating students, the teaching team and guest critics! Next year, Studio 6 moves to the University’s campus on Finsbury Square in London, as the first ‘Design Year in London’ opportunity for Liverpool students in the third year

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