The Baker’s Barge

HUT’s submission to the Antepavillion open call 2018. The Baker’s Barge proposes the transformation of the existing Ouse Barge on the Regent’s Canal into a social commodity, a bakery to serve local residents and canalside foot traffic. Hoxton-based social enterprise The Dusty Knuckle are to be instated on the barge. The lower deck functions as the Dusty Knuckle’s second base and storage space for freshly-baked goods. A porthole kiosk opens up from this floor to serve the public at the canalside. The polycarbonate-clad roof to the upper deck forms a public space to eat at leisure. This lightweight timber-framed structure mimics a classic awning, symbolising the opening of the bakery each morning, and collapses to allow the barge to travel. The daily venture of the barge across the canal coincides with moments of maximum canalside foot traffic to catch the attention of commuters and residents at lunch time.

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