Silvertown Studios

HUT’s entry to London Festival of Architecture’s annual design competition in summer 2017. Responding to a brief to activate the Silvertown Flyover in East London, HUT’s social & ecological agenda offers creatives studio space with all the appeal of the countryside in a dense urban environment. The architecture intends to increase the biodiversity of Silvertown; encourage a healthy work life balance; provide dynamic sociable studios for creative professionals; cross boundaries between city and country living; and promote a sustainable agenda. The building offers an element of fluidity as the main structure forms pockets of accessible external space which the meadow extends down and into. These are accessible from the internal studio spaces, but also offer a moment of quiet away from the flyover and busy urban environment. The meadow is always visible forming a scenic outlook from all aspects, be it from the internal studio spaces, whilst walking to work or whilst driving across the Silvertown Flyover. The Silvertown is seen as a an ecological blanket to be enjoyed by all.

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