Plywood Desk

The completion of our second piece of furniture made in-house: our own office desks. With concept, drawings and prototypes headed up by Alex and Joe, the entire team have been sanding and self-assembling desks in our new workshop. A major element of HUT’s vision is becoming competent makers and multifaceted designers which is extending throughout the practice and into our work space. The desk, cut from Birch plywood using CNC technology, is designed to be in twelve pieces that can easily slot together with no additional fixings and remain in place with adhesive glue. The accuracy and speed of the router ensures a precise and streamlined finish to the desk, with no visible joints, sharp edges and a soft grain. A linoleum top stretches over one-half of the desk. From a palette of shades including Smokey Blue, Olive and Ash, the team were able to pick their own colour according to taste.

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