Mr NICE x Selfridges

Following the success of our collaboration on the UK’s first cannabis & lifestyle boutique in Soho, we were asked to devise an iconic approach for Mr NICE’s 2-month occupation of Selfridges’ Land Rover Defender, stationed in the menswear department. Taking lead from Mr NICE’s metallic packaging and Selfridges’ 2019 Christmas theme ‘Future Fantasy’, an ambitious plan arose to wrap the Defender in silver mylar. The rear bed of the vehicle is multi-functional, hosting a ‘trunk’ for storage, an ‘apothecary’s cabinet’ sales point, a mesh cage with dibond shelving to display product, and the iconic Mr NICE neon sign among a forest of cannabis plants. The materials pick up on the raw but tactile palette of the Soho store and Mr NICE brand providing a backdrop for CBD well-being products and cannabis culture streetwear

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