HUT believe in architecture as a driver for transformation. All projects embed four key values of Reinvention, Delight, Patina and Enrichment. We apply the values to everything we approach – be that buildings, ideas or ideology. Our approach isn’t limited by typology, scale or location.

We make places to live, work and play that are sustainable not just in terms of embodied and operational energy, but also in their broader social context.

We believe strongly in the principles of design as a means to minimise environmental impact.

We embrace the circular economy, reducing waste through the inventive up-cycling of sites, building uses and materials. Many of our projects are mixed-use, retrofit, located within tight urban sites, and involve listed buildings.

We believe that the success of architecture is defined by its ability to transform and create positive change. Our architecture is open to possibilities and driven by a desire to create meaningful, enriching places for a more resilient future.

‘The primitive hut is not only the origin of built form, but is also the very personification of all that is right in architecture’ – Abbe Laugier, 1753

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