Our Design Process

HUT’s approach to each design brief is cyclical – a high level of cross-practice communication means that learnings from past projects are always fed into the next. Each new project commences with a rigorous briefing exercise. We ask questions and clarify assumptions, and only move onto design stages with accord. We enjoy interrogating multiple possibilities and commit to revisiting the brief at each work stage to ensure key outcomes.

At all times, HUT’s four values underpin our design work and offer a set of fundamentals against which to measure the success of our ideas and design proposals.

We are a highly inclusive practice with all staff being involved in design conversations. Every week we host design reviews, often with invited critics on specialist subjects that we want to explore and push ourselves further to understand. These sessions are carefully curated to ensure that we are always challenging ourselves and those with whom we work, and to make sure that we are leaders in our area of expertise

HUT is a member of the RIBA Chartered Practice scheme. As part of this we work to a Quality Management System (QMS) which establishes a clear design leadership structure for each project, and ensures that the design work is always the responsibility of a RIBA Chartered Architect.

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