Pentonville Road for NLA Awards

Shortlisted Don’t Move Improve!

Before its redevelopment, 251 Pentonville Road was a neglected building out of touch with an area of London undergoing rapid change.  HÛT retained the external brick skin whilst inserting a new steel frame into the building; enabling the reconfiguration of the volumes within.

The most notable innovative architectural addition is the new rooftop extension wrapped in a highly reflective semi-mirrored glass. The mirrored surface changes appearance at different times of day and depending on the angle it is viewed from, animating views of the building. At night, the rooftop pavilion adds a sense of drama, with curved coffer lighting illuminating the interior and engaging passers-by

The project will be available to view in an exhibition at the NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, WC1E 7BT from Friday 6th December until Thursday 6th February.

More information about the shortlisted projects can be found here

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