HUT’s Submission for Waltham Forest Competition

Linear Park

We are disappointed to say our entry for Waltham Forest’s ‘Making Places’ was unsuccessful. However, the team thoroughly enjoyed designing for the open call for public installation. Derived from the theme of ‘play and interaction’, we developed a proposal for a Linear Park that engages the public across all sectors of society, providing an inclusive environment for locals to enjoy. A red ribbon is formed of a variety of materials and incorporates seating, lighting, climbing frames, bikes racks, planting, artwork space and footpaths. The ‘obstacle course’ winds along the length of the site, tracing the outline of the houses that once occupied the land and mimicking the roofscapes of the area. Strategic lighting illuminates pathways and activities, providing a strong sense of security. Space for local coffee / food pop-ups to locate brings further potential for community interaction

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