Watch our Installation Movie!

Pixel HUT 2.0

HUT have made a movie of the Pixel HUT 2.0 experience. The Pixel HUT 2.0 is the second incarnation of the Pixel HUT exhibited at Decima Gallery, Bermondsey, in April 2018. The Pixel HUT is an interactive shelter that challenges the identity and function of the primitive hut. Deconstructed into its universal elements, the hut is then reconstructed as a lightweight, illuminated environment that reflects our growing cultural obsession with digital technology. Here, the HUT inhabits a dark gallery space as a backdrop for a theatrical feast of textured food for invited guests. Mobile devices are relinquished to the table and food courses are announced via digital communications which trigger LED activity within the canopy. Pixel HUT is an ongoing research collaboration between HUT Architecture and Universal Assembly Unit with food created by @dinnerat29. Each time the Pixel HUT’s context changes – rural or urban, inside or outside – so it is adapted. Photography by Harry Kay, Will Gowland & Sophie Determann. To download high-resolution images please click here.

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