How to get ahead in Architecture

Workshop #4: Tuesday 15th September - Skill Up - Skills to Improve During Lockdown

Join us tomorrow for our fourth free workshop in a series of ‘How to get ahead in Architecture’ (Tuesday 15th September) at 6pm. Workshop #4: Skill Up (Skills to Improve During Lockdown). You can now watch the video here

For those of you who have missed the first three workshops, HÛT are hosting a series of free Zoom workshops over the next few weeks giving an insight into what architectural practices look for when hiring. We know that finding work at the moment is challenging so wanted to share a few first-hand thoughts and experiences with those looking for work.⁠

There will be 5 workshops, each hosted by different members of the HUT team. The format will be a 15-30 minute presentation, with an interactive Q&A to follow

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