Hayward’s Place Feature


Hayward’s Place has featured in E-Architect. The feature emphasised the importance of retrofit rather than demolition for conservation areas in London. Historically HUT have completed many retrofits in central London. Retrofitting has come to prominence in recent years as part of the drive to make buildings more thermally efficient and sustainable. It can also can increase building adaptability, durability and resilience. “Choosing rebuild over demolition has made a significant, positive contribution to the conservation area, not to mention pleasing to the local residential community. The project is an elegant example of a warehouse building, robustly built, which needed refining and bringing up to modern standards. A retrofit helped to define the key design features of the building. A light-touch refurbishment was made as the building was already suitably laid out for office use which meant not having to move the core. It possessed abundant floor-to-ceiling heights and open windows. Reuse is always undeniably a more environmentally friendly approach to construction.” You can read the rest of the feature here. Photography by Emanuelis Stasaitis.

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