‘First Look’ at Hayward’s Place

Architects' Journal

Hayward’s Place has featured in the Architects’ Journal ‘First Look’ as a case study for an office retrofit. ‘HUT were asked to upgrade a tired looking industrial warehouse style building in the heart of Clerkenwell Green Conservation Area. Although the building was in need of a wholesale refurbishment, the existing features and character of the spaces were worth restoring, therefore retaining this charm became a springboard for the design concept. “During the initial strip-out, we discovered an original green banding around the internal walls of the 18th century building. We decided to celebrate this and use this as a key feature for the new colour scheme in the interior and exterior of the building to draw a connection to the buildings past. With Clerkenwell Green being a stone’s throw and the building’s former use as wine vaults and a gin distillery, it was decided that the bottle green would be a connection to the building’s identity”‘. See here for the full article.


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