Design For Six New Homes


HÛT has designed a landscape led development for 6 new homes in Cuffley, a green belt village near Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. The existing trees and foliage strongly define the site’s character. HÛT’s design seeks to maintain and develop this with well-considered soft and hard landscaping plans. As few trees as possible will be removed and new ones added strategically to protect privacy, enhance views, ecology and also to help sequester the carbon dioxide emissions related to the development’s construction and use. The retention of established trees and planting over 50 new trees also works to absorb rain water and bind the soil across the slope of the site that falls over 15 metres along its length. Once established in time the proposed trees and hedges will develop the seclusion of the site and plots, concealing driveway parking and deadening noise from the busy main road at the top of the site.

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