Andy Whiting’s Desert Island Desks

Mix Interiors Magazine

Mix Interiors asked HUT Principle Andy Whiting what his desert island essentials would be, should he be cast away for the rest of his life. The article isn’t online yet but here’s his full list! 1) A reflux still so that I can distil my own gin. Which I can then use to create a lifetime’s supply of Eastern Standard cocktails. 2) An electric jet ski. Given there’s no petrol but lots of sunshine on a desert island, and I shall have time on my hands to charge it via solar panels, this would seem to be just the thing to satisfy my need for speed. 3) A reclining armchair. One with a footstool – for afternoon naps. And rest periods between imbibing gin cocktails and taking my jet ski out. 4) A wind-up radio
for listening to radio 4 so I can keep up to date with all the global current affairs that have absolutely no effect on my own local ones. 5) My sunglasses. One of my many pairs of almost identical sunglasses would be useful as I don’t anticipate wearing much else on my desert island, but some protection for my eyes might come in handy. Andy’s top 5 tracks for the jukebox: 1) Nightmares on Wax – You Wish. 2) Some random jazz that I like but seems to irritate all those around me – which I’m guessing will just be marine life on my desert island. 3) Groove Armada – My Friend. 4) Some awful Rihanna / Taylor Swift / Drake music to remind me of my lovely daughters. 5) AC/DC – Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round to Be A Millionaire

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